Interactive Story Game 'The Assembly' Confirmed For PlayStation VR This October 13th 

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nDreams' built-from-the-ground-up virtual reality interactive story game The Assembly will be making the October 13th deadline for PlayStation VR on PlayStation 4.

The developer confirmed the achievement as being amongst the launch titles for Sony's headlong plunge into VR next week. The indie studio has a notable history with Sony for their work on PlayStation 3's PlayStation Home social platform.

"A first-person interactive story for mature audiences, The Assembly is a long-form game designed from the ground up for VR. Play as two individuals and discover a morally challenging organization from contrasting perspectives. Face trials, investigate the Assembly’s secret bunker and make tough decisions. But will your actions and their repercussions save lives… or lead to catastrophe?"

The Assembly releases on PlayStation 4 October 13th, 2016.

The Assembly
The Assembly, a mysterious organisation hidden from the world, has been experimenting outside the constraints of gove...
Release Dates
13 Oct 2016-PS4
20 Jan 2017-Xbox One
19 Jul 2016-PC
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