12 Days Ago Monday February 12th us

Mini Poke Ball Replica Standard Release Date

The collectible Mini Poke Ball Replica was just released 12 days ago on Standard in the USA and UK.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
February 12, 2024Confirmed
February 12, 2024Confirmed
Mini Poke Ball Replica cover art
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Mini Poke Ball Replica


With the same display-grade, ultra-premium, precision die-cast metal construction as the full-size Poké Ball Replica, the Mini Poké Ball Replica is equipped with touch and proximity sensing technology. The Mini Poké Ball Replicas will also come with a new, touch-controlled, Mini-Poké-Ball-sensing display stand featuring an illuminated Pokémon logo, as well as a multicoloured glittering display ring. In addition, each Mini Poké Ball Replica will also come with its own collectible silver-plated token, featuring different Pokémon silhouettes, which can be used as an alternative way to display the replica.

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