End Date 3 Months Ago November 21, 2023 us

Men of War 2 Open Beta End Date US Release Date

The game Men of War 2 Open Beta is already released on End Date in the USA.

Release Dates

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End Date
November 21, 2023Confirmed
Men of War 2 Open Beta cover art
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Men of War 2 Open Beta


The open beta introduces “Officer” mode, a challenging PVE scenario that demands strategic prowess from players. In Officer mode, participants must skillfully balance offensive and defensive tactics as they strive to protect an NPC officer for a set amount of time; if the enemy manages to eliminate him, it's game over. This intense mode will test players' ability to coordinate their forces effectively and make split-second decisions to achieve victory. Alongside this new mode, all PvE and PvP modes from previous open betas will return.

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